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Family style
design and attention to detail

There are no surprises. We value style and design and pay great attention to detail throughout, with spacious, comfortable public areas where guests can relax.

We offer excellent facilities with extra-large pools, spacious sun terraces and impeccably clean water. Parking spaces or a garage at the hotel are guaranteed.

Ricci's Family

We do a very nice job: we take care about holydays. Yours.

We think holyday is a synonymous of rest, fun, good cooking and superior comfort.

It's for this reason we engage ourselves all year in not disappointing your expectations, in make you holyday nice in an always more comfortable environment.A holyday where the human relations have still a profound importance.

And all of us, ourselves, are engaged to take care about your deserved holy-days.

Eco hotels
Commitment to the environment

Taking care of the ecosystem is a key aspect for the sector of hotel hospitality, because the natural beauty of the environment is a part of our offer. Looking after the ecosystem is therefore not only a choice and a commitment, but also a guarantee of entrepreneurial sustainability.

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viaggiando in modo sostenibile!
Total water saving

We know how important water is for life, and that it is a limited and indispensable commodity. This is why we believe in the responsible use of water, and why we aim to reduce its wastage and maximise its recycling. 
1- Water saving in hotel rooms
Installation of dual flush toilet cisterns, with two buttons that deliver different quantities of water when pressed. 
Use of filters and mixer taps to reduce water flow.
2 - Encouraging guests to save water
Signs are provided in rooms inviting guests to save water by using towels more than once.
3- Detection and repair of leaks or losses in rooms
Maintenance work is one of our priorities, not only to be able to constantly present guests with an attractive product of great quality, but also, for example, to allow us to find any leaks in pipes and repair them. In addition, our hotels open seasonally, and during the winter, to avoid small losses from taps or toilets that over our period of closure would add up to a significant amount of wastage, we completely shut down our water system.
4- Gardens 
Use of recycled non-potable water or water from wells.

Responsible waste disposal

We work every day to reduce the quantity of wastes produced by our activities as far as possible, and to manage them responsibly. This commitment takes various forms:
1. Ecological breakfasts
To avoid the great quantity of wastes generated by single-portion containers of jams, honey, chocolate and yogurt, for many years we have already been using unpackaged products, tastier, more ecological and without producing unnecessary wastes.
2. Products leaving hazardous or highly pollutant residues
We use recycled toner cartridges for printers and photocopiers.
3- Used vegetable oil
Used vegetable oil from our kitchens is collected by a company specializing in handling special wastes, with local authority approval.
4- Separate waste collection 
In our kitchens we have separate bins for paper, plastic and organic wastes.

Enbergy saving

Air conditioning, heating and lighting are vital for the quality of service in a hotel, and their responsible use can never be allowed to affect the comfort we provide to guests. Aware of this, we have however taken several steps to reduce our energy consumption.
1. Use of energy-saving bulbs 
2. Purchase of electrical appliances with a Class A energy label whenever possible
3. Efficient use of heating and air conditioning:
a) bedrooms have a system that automatically interrupts the supply of air conditioning or heating if the balcony door is open, avoiding the needless waste of energy;
b) switch or key card to shut off power: in all rooms there is a switch or a card slot that allows the power supply to be shut down, avoiding the unnecessary use of electricity when guests are not present.
4. Control over lighting 
Timers and motion sensors in public spaces.
5. Solar panel systems for water heating
Villa Mia and Hotel Nettuno have recently been fitted with solar water heating systems.
6- Condenser boilers with low emissions and high efficiency

Noise pollution

An environment free from noise and vibrations is essential for the comfort and satisfaction of our guests.
1. Rooms with noise insulation 
2. External door and window fittings in PVC or aluminium with soundproofed glazing
3. Air conditioning systems in protected areas and with controlled noise emissions

Commitment the value

Rooms: All rooms are new and tastefully furnished. En-suites are elegant and fitted with tubs and shower cubicles. Space and comfort ensure guests can really enjoy their holiday, with the freedom to choose from rooms, suites or apartments.

Services: Extra-large pools (with direct access from the hotels) with a wellness corner and spacious sun terrace. Technology skims the water and guarantees top quality.
Cuisine: We have a constant commitment to cuisine that focuses on local flavours and Mediterranean dishes. Special evenings dedicated to food and wine tasting. Children's menus with fairytales and games.

Children: Children are always welcome and we offer great discounts throughout the summer. They will be looked after by our attentive entertainment staff and pampered by our new mascot MARINO granchio bagnino.

Quality Awards

Quality mark

A prize for the high standard of quality of the "Ricci Hotels".
The Quality Mark is a form of certification that is promoted by Chambres of Commerce to boost quality accomodation in Italy. This objective evaluation is carried out by an indipendent external commission, requiring no payment. 

All aspects of the hospitality business of Quality Hotels are assessed, and the award is only given to hotels that offer excellent facilities and services. We are very proud of the award, as it is recognition of our continuos investments in the facilities and services we offer. What is more, it garantees guests that they will enjoy an excellent holiday with us.

Adriatic Coast Award

We have received a very gratifying prize that prompts us to do even better. The prize motivation, as stated by panel of experts, is the following: "for the hotel business experience of the most significant and innovative type in the Emilia-Romagna Region and for having based the value of hospitality on the riviera on thehigh quality of service"

Hotel of the year

In 1994 we received a prestigious award: the Nomination for the most creative proposal. We've been rewarded for our sports equipment quality, for the swimming pools and our creative programmes in a selection of over 2.000 italians hotels.

A special jury consisting in the journalist Luca Goldoni, the touristic press president Marco Ausenda, the Rimini fair president Rodolfo Lopes Pegna and other authorities in the sector declared the winners of the different categoryes.

Career award

Cesenatico Hoteliers' Association

The Mayor of Cesenatico Nivardo Panzavolta, and the President of the Hoteliers' Association Giancarlo Barocci, have presented Mr. Giancarlo Ricci with an award to his long entrepreneurial career in the tourism sector in Romagna.

How we are

It was the 1954 when a guesthouse called "La sportiva"opened in Cesenatico its doors to the first holyday makers. 

In those years the tourism on the coast began its run to become an economic and social phenomenon of international importance. 

Every entrepreneur from Romagna did his best to develop and increase. 
Since then our family has been active in the hospitality world in Cesenatico, and every year it renews the engagement to improve and grow with the aim to satisfy its guests

Guest forever

    1. Clienti per Sempre

      1991 - 2010

      Fam. Conforto

    2. Clienti per Sempre

      1984 - 2010

      Fam. Terlizzi

    3. Clienti per Sempre

      1979 - 2010

      Fam. Tschierschki

    4. Clienti per Sempre

      1990 - 2010

      Fam. Schmidt

    5. Clienti per Sempre

      1982 - 2002

      Fam. Galli

    1. Clienti per Sempre


      Fam. Da Ponte

    2. Clienti per Sempre


      Fam. Nora W├Âlflick

    3. Clienti per Sempre


      Sig.ra Colombo-Bellieni

    4. Clienti per Sempre


      Sig.ra Rocca Elena

    5. Clienti per Sempre


      Fanz Swoboda

    1. Clienti per Sempre


      Fam. Brockaus

    2. Clienti per Sempre


      Fam. Lohwing

    3. Clienti per Sempre


      Fam. Heinzelreiter

    4. Clienti per Sempre


      Umberto Uberti

    5. Clienti per Sempre


      Fam. Hollenstein

    1. Clienti per Sempre


      Fam. Vogel

    2. Clienti per Sempre


      Fam. Wiegand

    3. Clienti per Sempre


      Frau Prufer

    4. Clienti per Sempre


      Prof. Terrevazzi

    5. Clienti per Sempre


      Fam. R.Heinzelmann

We have guests have been spending holydays for many years in our hotels.
We repayed them together with the Mayor and the
town authorities.