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Tastes to Relish
Discovering the flavours of the land

An experience that has to be tasted, an emotion that has to be discovered. Every day, our hotels serve traditional regional dishes (with recipe) and organise theme evenings, with a chance to taste typical local produce, and gala dinners that recall Pellegrino Artusi, the famous gastronome from nearby Forlimpopoli.

Our products

Oil: A delicately fragranced oil is produced between the hills and the sea; an oil that boasts PDO certification.

Wine: This is the land of Sangiovese, an important and symbolic wine that is famed throughout the world and heads all the most important oenological quality tables.

Honey and cheese: Cheese and honey is a synergy of unique flavours. From Fossa cheese, which has now become famous worldwide, to Pecorino and soft Squacquerone

Every morning, at breakfast, we offer a vast choice of different honeys to try and at lunch and dinner our honey is served with assorted cheeses.

  1. Our products
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and Quantityin the kitchen

Local flavours and Mediterranean dishes. Start the day off right with a rich and abundant breakfast full of good things taken in the fresh swimming-pool garden.asty cuisine at lunch and dinner, with products that are always fresh,

  • Piadina with genuine salami

  • Tagliatelle of grandmother Rose

  • Ring shaped cake from Romagna

  • Strozzapreti with clams roll

Our recipes

We've been going in search of ancient recipes, looking for them in the old country "trattoria" (restaurants), in seafaring taverns and in books of cooking from Romagna. The results of this job is having recovered about thirty dishes which are still in use and others. The ingredients are strictly genuine and selected observing the recipes' directions

Piadina and Oily fish
he bread of farmers is Romagna's most traditional food

  1. Piadina and Oily fish

Piadina: The bread of farmers is Romagna's most traditional food.
It is fantastic eaten with ham, cheese, wild greens or even Nutella chocolate spread.

Our hotels offer cookery courses for children and adults alike, so that the simple art of learning to make piadina also becomes fun and tasty.


Oily fish is delicately flavoured and is healthy because it is easy to digest and packed with nutritional elements.
Sardines, anchovies, sole, mackerel, tuna, clams and mussels and other local oily fish are just some of the varieties that will delight the palates of all our guests.

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